Although our core commercial cover conforms to industry accepted norms, we realise that many businesses have very specific needs and unique insurance risks. Many commercial insurers develop their products with a one size fits all approach which may not necessarily provide the in depth cover that you need.

Farming and the carrying of farming related risks are not for the faint hearted. It is therefore incredibily important that there is an understanding of the industry. Farming and related activities have very unique and specific risk exposures not catered for in a traditional commercial insurance policy. Western has developed a tailored product specifically designed for this industry.

Owning property is probably one of the bigger investments a business or individual will make. The protection of this investment is of paramount importance and therefore needs cover which specifically caters to the unique and varied types of risks found in this sector. STC is your complete Property Owners and Landlord Insurance solution, providing cover for Sectional Title property...

Engineering insurance caters to a very specific market segment with very unique insurance requirements. Typically engineering risks fall in the category of Construction All Risk (CAR), Erection All Risk (EAR) and Plant All Risk (PAR).

This policy offers the client the option to combine various risk classes and also the ability to enhance the policy with multiple extensions in order to create a tailor made solution that meets their individual requirements and exposures. Combined with Western's competitive rates, sound underwriting practices and superb service.